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$150,000 Capital Required

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About Us

Does the dream of owning your own business contain the glamour of a day spa, a restaurant serving your favorite food, a coffee shop, ice cream or something else that you enjoy and understand?


For many, a retail franchise is the answer to their dream. However, there are other entrepreneurs whose interpretation of a glamorous business is one that affords them the opportunity to make it to their kid's ball game and to be home nights and weekends. Their dream does not include food, minimum wage employees and retail customers; their dream is to have a business they can work on and not in, to have a business where they can work business hours and build a team around them that will provide a valuable service, where they can build a successful business that affords them the lifestyle that their dream contains. The concept or franchise itself is not the dream as much as it is a vehicle to help them realize their dream, which is why PIRTEK, the world's leading service provider of ETA 1 Hour On-Site Hose Replacement, has become a viable opportunity to consider.

Why Choose PIRTEK?


With the PIRTEK system, you have over 30 years of experience and expertise on your side. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Whether it's assisting you in finding a suitable location, conducting employee interviews or attending local trade shows, the PIRTEK strategic system supports you every step of the way.

Our mission at PIRTEK is to enable motivated entrepreneurs to accomplish the dream of owning their own business by using a system which has been proven successful around the world. Your business management skills along with our support are the keys to making your PIRTEK Hose Service & Supply Center a success.

Ideal Candidate

PIRTEK franchise owners wordwide have come from many walks of life. With backgrounds such as banking, sales, marketing and industrial management, few if any, have specific hydraulic or mechanical training.

Operating as a well-supported business format franchise system, a PIRTEK franchise owner acquires the rights to establish, own and operate one or more PIRTEK Hose Service & Supply Centers in exclusive geographic territories.

We're looking for someone with a minimum net worth of $500K, and one with business management skills interested in working on their business and not in it.


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